Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Science Videos for Kids -Best Indian Educational Website

We ,as parents of two kids of 6 & 11 years, used to struggle a lot for home-work help for our kids as well as to give them quality understanding.
Being working parents ,we are always pressed for time, so wanted some short-cut to spend less time with greater outputs for kids. Also as grown-up professionals, we believed in adage"Seeing is Believing" .
So started our quest for quality education videos. First we bought lot of video CDs from market, but found those very low-quality & then you have to pay for the same without knowing what is inside.
Then we took resort in Google.We would type the subject name in google  plus video in it. To our surprise,we came across thousands of videos on several websites. 
Then we realized that we are not first ones to look for this route.Parents all across the globe are searching for this way of teaching their youger-ones.
But along came the trouble-how to short-list relevant videos ,which are suitable for our own kids. Few were of very low quality or for toddlers & other were for grown-up kids.
That is a problem ,which every parent faces. After one year of struggle ,we came across few relevenat websites .Apart from You Tube ,would like to list those for help of other parents
a) -it is one spot ,where you would find all sorted videos ,that is the best part .But again issue comes of level or grading.
b) site , but it paid.
c) -this has been made by us so obviously we've tried to minimize what we found lacking in others. 
d) -again a great website , but is more of extra-studies .
So try to teach your kids with help of videos.We found these very effective.

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  1. Yes being a parent we have to struggle a lot.To give them quality understanding and learning environment we have to take help from websites which provide information according to kids. I am grateful to you for suggesting all these helpful sites which are specially designed for kids.